How to Get Free Condoms for Teenagers Online

Kathleen Esposito
Teen with Condom

There are many ways to get free condoms for teenagers online that are discreet and reputable without promoting promiscuity or other undesirable behaviors.

Where to Get Free Condoms

Free condom samples are available both online and through other resources. Most strive to deliver these items in a discreet manner.

Free Condom Websites

Many websites offer free sample packs of different condoms. Before signing up, however, be sure to read all the participation requirements and policies. Some distributors require that recipients are at least 18 years old, and interested customers may need to participate in online surveys or view sponsored advertisements in order to qualify for the free samples.

Some companies offer free shipping while others do impose shipping charges, and some free offers are only valid with the purchase of other related products. At the same time, many retailers also provide instructional guidelines, STD facts, storage tips, and other useful information with their free condoms, making them even more valuable to individuals just becoming sexually active.

Websites to get free condoms for teenagers online include:

  • Condom USA offers over a dozen varieties of condoms for free, in packs of eight, if you agree to pay shipping charges.
  • Only Free has a list of offers for condoms if you sign up for newsletters, "like" companies on Facebook, etc.

Health Department Websites

It's easier to get free condoms online from government programs, if you don't want to pay for shipping. Many metro areas have free condom programs, including:

Look up your local health department online for details on a program near you. Some only ship condoms to non-profit organizations, and then they direct individuals to the organizations directly to pick them up. If you truly can't make it to one of these organizations, give them a call, and see if something can be arranged to help you.

Free Condoms That Aren't Online

Some teenagers may feel uncomfortable ordering a package of condoms over the Internet. It's actually easier to find truly free condoms closer to home. Many family planning centers, such as Planned Parenthood, offer free condoms, as do HIV testing and counseling centers. Many high schools and colleges offer free condoms from the nurse's office or health center, as well. In general, parents are not notified if a teenager asks for condoms.

Why Get Free Condoms?

Condoms are easy to buy at any pharmacy, but one look at the extensive rack of options may send an inexperienced condom user scurrying for a different aisle. Opting to get free condoms online allows teenagers the opportunity to sample several different brands and designs to learn which types of condoms are suitable for their needs and preferences.

Many organizations offer free condoms for a variety of reasons, including:

  • To promote safe sex. Regardless of when a teenager becomes sexually active, diseases and pregnancy are high risk factors that using a condom can help prevent.
  • To lower the risk of unwanted pregnancy. Condoms are an efficient method of birth control.
  • To lower the transmission rates of sexually transmitted diseases. There are more than 25 known STDs that cause a variety of conditions, including pain, sterility, and even death. Nearly 20 percent of the adult population has come in contact with STDs, and effective use of a condom can lower transmission risks.
  • To promote condom familiarity with less sexually experienced individuals. Many teenagers are uncomfortable with the technical aspects of wearing and using a condom, and using free samples to practice can make this type of safe sex comfortable and easy.

Use Your Best Judgment

It is important to realize that condoms are not 100 percent effective for preventing pregnancy or avoiding sexually transmitted diseases. Only complete abstinence is guaranteed effective, and before teenagers grab a free condom sample and head for their significant other, they should carefully weigh the consequences of becoming sexually active.

How to Get Free Condoms for Teenagers Online