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Cigarette discounts are easy to find.

If you are looking for discount cigarette deals, there are many ways to find good bargains without resorting to unscrupulous retailers or questionable arrangements.

About Cigarette Prices

Years ago, a pack of good quality, name brand cigarettes only cost a couple of dollars, but today prices have skyrocketed and that same pack may cost more than twice as much. Two major factors influence cigarette prices: taxes and lawsuits. The first, taxes, are generally imposed by the state, and very high taxes are passed on to consumers through higher cigarette prices. Tax revenue is then used for any number of public services, from supplementing health care costs to promoting quit smoking programs.

Lawsuits are the second major factor affecting cigarette prices. Because of the health risks associated with long term smoking and inadequate warnings and prevention programs, major tobacco companies have been inundated with hefty lawsuits, many of which they have lost. The large settlements - billions of dollars total - that result from these lawsuits have forced cigarette prices to rise.

How to Find Good Deals

Smokers can find good discount cigarette deals in a number of ways. First, buying a larger quantity of cigarettes is a good way to secure a lower overall price. Cartons offer better per-pack prices than buying individual packs, and shopping at discount retail stores can also lead to lower prices. Some specialty retailers may even offer lower prices if a high number of cartons is purchased at once.

In addition to buying at discount retail stores, individuals who live in or near states with lower cigarette taxes can take advantage of those naturally lower prices. Virginia, Kentucky, Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina currently have some of the lowest tax levels on tobacco products, making the prices for cigarettes in those states lower than in neighboring states. At the same time, however, consumers should realize that new taxes may be passed and enacted at any time.

Choosing less expensive cigarette brands is another way to find good discounts. The most recognizable and popular brands such as Marlboro, Salem, Kool, and Lucky Strike are also the most expensive, while lesser known brands such as Cherokee, Kingston, Rave, and Silver are generally cheaper because they may not have been involved in as many major lawsuits. While different brands may taste differently, smokers interested in the best deals should try different inexpensive brands to find one they prefer at a lower price.

Discount Cigarette Retailers

Cigarette prices range from $10 to $40 per carton (usually 200 total cigarettes), but consumers who are willing to shop online may be able to find even better deals. Many Internet tobacco stores can offer much lower prices than retail averages because they are not subject to the same taxation. In fact, many online cigarette retailers are actually based outside the United States and can therefore avoid many taxes. Online cigarette merchants include:

When shopping online, however, consumers should take care to note any shipping charges that can drastically increase the bill, though some companies may offer free shipping for large orders. Comparison shopping between different retailers may uncover a range of prices for the same cigarette brands, and some merchants even offer automatic discounts with preferred methods of payment.

The Biggest Discount of All

The biggest way of all to save money on cigarettes is to quit smoking. Not only would consumers then save money by not purchasing cigarettes, but there are many health benefits that non-smokers enjoy.

For example, cigarette smoking has been directly linked to health problems such as different types of cancer, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, emphysema, and more. Quitting smoking drastically reduces these risks, and many health insurance companies offer rate discounts for non-smokers.

Quitting is the biggest discount.

Smokers who want to quit can even buy discount smoking cessation aids such as patches, gums, pills, and nicotine-free cigarettes to help curb the habit. Discount products are available online through these retailers:

For more information about quitting smoking including product reviews, health benefits, and other details, visit LoveToKnow Recovery.

Discount cigarette deals are not hard to find, whether individuals are interested in local deals or online retailers. The key to a great deal is to find what works for you: a lower price on your preferred brand, finding a cheaper brand to try, or quitting smoking altogether.

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