Catholic Freebies

Catholics can obtain rosaries for free.

Learn more about your faith with Catholic freebies that will enhance your spiritual life.

Christian Freebies for Catholics

The Catholic faith is a Christian religion that celebrates Jesus Christ as the Savior and has hundreds of years of history. The Pope in the Vatican City is the leader of the Church and offers guidance to followers of the faith. Catholics who are new to the faith, want to renew their faith or share it with others may find freebies worth looking into.

2 Hearts Network, Inc.

This website has a Totally Free Catholic Literature Available to You section that offers a range of literature meant for Catholics in all areas of life and faith journeys. Information on total consecration, evangelization, and home study is available in the form of packages, pamphlets and ebooks. Some of the offers currently listed include:

Bread 4 The Journey

Bread 4 The Journey is a website that links you to offers for free Catholic resources. Categories include email cards, faith tools, media, music, webmasters and extras. Clicking on a category will open a new browser page. The faith tools section presently has offers for rosaries, medals, prayer cards and scapulars.

Free for Catholics

Get plenty of Catholic support with freebie offers found at Free for Catholics. This website offers a huge range of categories, from audio-video to financial to political involvement to travel. Featured offers appear when you first open the webpage. Some of the offers, especially for magazines, may be for a free trial or single issue only. Follow instructions to cancel the subscription if you do not want to pay for anything.

Cultural Catholic

Cultural Catholic has information on the Pope, nuns, saints and more. A freebie page offers links, phone numbers and addresses for various religious freebies. Some of the offerings include:

  • Oremus music downloads
  • Pope John Paul II relic
  • Various booklets and ebook downloads
  • Clipart
  • Holy Face of Jesus medal

Beginning Catholic

Sign up for's free ezine to get an access to download three free ebooks. They are 100 Favorite Catholic Prayers, How to Read the Parables and Understanding the Kingdom of God.

Catholic Freebies

The Catholic Freebies website is a contest site. Each week, enter to win a new featured freebie. You must register for the site and login to enter. Winners have received books, DVDs, music and more in past drawings.

Other Catholic Freebies

Catholics may enjoy free items they find on general Christian freebie websites like:

Large money-saving sites and sample sites might have listings for free Catholic items. Check forums at these websites for listings that users may post that do not make it onto the home page.

If you frequent a particular online or brick and mortar store, it may be worth your while to sign up for their newsletter. You might get updates on sales, coupon codes and product information. Additionally, watch for deals that would make an item free after rebate.

Donations and Subscriptions

Just because a website is a religious one does not mean you should let your guard down. Beware of scams and fraudulent websites that are only phishing for your personal information. As previously mentioned, magazine freebies often involve a subscription offer, so be sure to cancel. Some music download sites may be the same.

Because many of the websites and organizations spend their own funds to produce, buy and mail the freebies out, they may ask for a donation. Use a secure form of payment, like PayPal, or mail them a check, if you wish to donate. Remember that a donation is optional. Consider donating to groups from whom you frequently receive freebies.

Growing in your Catholic faith does not mean your wallet has to shrink. Find plenty of free support services and resources that will help you create a more meaningful relationship with God and Jesus.

Catholic Freebies