Birthday Freebies

There are plenty of companies offering free gifts on your birthday.

Regardless of the number of candles on your cake, there are many birthday freebies that can help make your celebration more enjoyable.

The Ethics of Accepting Birthday Freebies

Birthday freebies are fun, but there are a few points you should keep in mind when accepting a freebie offer.

  • Call ahead if you're making a special trip just for the freebie. Stores can change their freebie policies with little or no advance notice. It's always a good idea to verify the details of a promotion before making a special trip to take advantage of the offer.
  • Don't lie! Many places will require your driver's license or some other proof of your birthday before allowing you to accept a free promotional offer. However, you should always be honest even if the proof isn't required.
  • Be courteous. If your freebie involves visiting a restaurant, remember that it's customary to include the value of your freebie offer in your total bill when calculating how much of a tip to leave the server.
  • Support businesses that offer freebies. Businesses offering freebies don't do so out of the goodness of their heart. They are hoping to make money, so be sure to support the businesses offering your favorite birthday freebies throughout the year.

Types of Birthday Freebies

For your convenience, LoveToKnow Save has provided a brief overview of some of the most popular birthday free stuff offers.

Free Food

Since many people enjoy going out to eat on their birthday, it should come as no surprise that a number of restaurants offer food-related freebies for your birthday.

For example:

  • Kids can get a free birthday meal when they visit Wendy's or Burger King.
  • Grownups can enjoy free desert on their birthday at:
    • Applebees
    • Baskin Robbins
    • Bennigans
    • Macaroni Grill
    • Outback Steakhouse
    • Red Lobster
    • TGI Fridays

    Entertainment Freebies

    Free food is definitely nice, but you'll probably want to enjoy some other activities on your birthday as well. Here are a few entertainment-related freebies to consider:
  • Hollywood Video offers a free video rental on your birthday. Just tell the clerk that it's your special day!
  • Pick up supplies for your birthday party and get a free movie rental at your nearest Food Pavilion Grocery Store.
  • Brunswick Bowling offers a free game of bowling on your birthday if you join the Bonus Zone.
  • Crown Theatres offers a buy one movie ticket, get one free promotion for people celebrating a birthday
  • Dave and Busters offers $5 in game tokens valid at their arcade.

Check out local establishments for gifts as well. Places such as comedy clubs, record stores, and pubs often send out coupons or freebies to patrons on their newsletters or mailing lists.


Didn't get want you wanted for your birthday? Buy yourself a special treat by taking advantage of these coupon offers:

  • Hallmark offers 20 percent off one item.
  • Avon A-List members get free shipping and 10 percent off your order as a birthday gift.
  • Border's Rewards members will get a coupon for 15 percent off a purchase made during the month of their birthday.
  • DSW Reward Your Style members get a birthday coupon for $5 off their next purchase.
  • Victoria's Secret gives credit card holders a special coupon valid during the month of their birthday.
  • New York & Company credit card holders get a coupon for 25 percent off a purchase made during their birthday month.

Additional Information

For more information on birthday promotional offers, LoveToKnow Save recommends visiting the following Web sites:

  • Free Birthday Clubs has a list of Web sites that let you sign up to receive special offers on your birthday.
  • Birthday Freebies lets you search for freebie offers by state.
  • Free Birthday Stuff has a large assortment of birthday deals and discounts, but you'll need to create a membership account to access most of the information.
Birthday Freebies